Asiana Airlines (OZ) – Signed off Catering services prolongation, the continuation of the In-flight meal delivery to Korean 5-star Airlines over the decade

HAN, 30th Mar 2018 – From 2006 to 2018, It was such a remarkable period in which NCS has the honor to prepare the Korean cuisine to Asiana Airlines and recently, NCS has fulfilled the catering services quality periodical re-consideration from OZ and did successfully accomplish Asiana Airlines’ high demand on food and hygiene security to continue serving this Korean Airline in the future.

In the pursuant of NCS’ vision to become the industry standard in the Asia-pacific area, NCS’ chefs are all professionally verified especially in Asian countries culinary which are known to settle the highest and uncompromising requirement on their cuisine:  The texture is rich with wide-range ingredients but balanced in taste by the native traditional ingenious components combination, hence all of those are beautifully decorated and presented on the dish which represents the cuisine perspectives of their fatherlands.

In the meantime, culinary experiences exchange courses have been usually hold for NCS and our partners as International Caterers to observe and learn from each other in order to both fulfill the native cuisine production skills and cement the relationship among our regional partners.

Besides the finely prepared food, the service consistency and preservation are also a must to secure the daily catering service to NCS’ clients. With ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, HALAL and QSAI Standard compliance and checked up everyday by NCS’ Quality Assurance department, the hygiene condition is always put on top priority to guarantee every meal quality to passengers. Moreover, with the kick-off of NCS’ new facility in 2018 with modernized production chain and equipment setting, by this It doesn’t only settle a suitable condition for NCS to provide and secure the catering services to increasing Airlines but also grants many opportunities to adapt and improvise our Catering Technology with the Global F&B Industry newest trends.