English Communication training course for the workforce

HAN, 11th April 2017 - In overall long term expertise workforce training plan, besides international airlines expert consultancy, oversea caterers visiting or culinary experience exchange among regional caterers, NCS has kept holding multiple-level English courses for all the NCS departments’ staffs, especially for delivery and chef sectors which have daily tasks in direct communication with clients. This establishment is not only to improve the workforce English communication capability but also for the entire company’s global service serving competency to be beefed up.

In order to hit the right note, “English for the hotel and catering industry” courses whose framework is strictly relevant to hospitality speciality are chosen. By this, learners would attain the proper English communication skills to deal with common customers’ concerns such as: Order request, polite explaination, menu brieft description, advice and assistance, difficult phone calls, complaint and apologies,… The course is separated into three levels for everyone to have a chance to adapt and learn effectively.

The lecturer, Mr. Kenneth John Kelsey – Director, Teacher of Oxford English UK Vietnam, said “With experiences in hospitality communication training and the course application in luxurious hotels and restaurants, I believe that we would help NCS’s staffs to make the cut in English communication skills with-in the workbook, my tricks of the trade sharing and many specific practical simulations for the learners to get used to processing and applying the acquired knowledge into their routine work.”

From the NCS learners, Mr. Hien – Delivery man shared “Our common challenge is, when we are at the aircraft location, sometimes the engine noise and the rush from flight attendants require us to extremely focus on listening, explaining and dealing with clients’ request at the same time shortly. That’s why I attended this course to learn how to communicate more properly and effectively, hence I would have a greater performance.”

Despite tough incidents ahead, with the readiness from every individual in self English communication skills reinforcement and universal service quality improvement, NCS is and will keep investing into human workforce training in pursuance to delight every customer and passenger.