Love for the Centrals – NCS’ Charity Journey to the Central of Vietnam

HAN, November 2017 – The 10th storm has settled a critical hit on the central of Vietnam, left a heavy impoverishment on indigent provinces such as Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Hue. In order to timely back up these damaged zones’ people, Noibai Catering Services Youth Union and Labor Union organized a charity journey named “Love for the Centrals” ahead to Quang Binh province – the “eye of the storm”.

As soon as the program has been announced, there was a heart full support from the entire NCS’ employees and staffs whose mere desires are lend a hand to their compatriots who had been suffering from the consequence of the disaster in every single second. The gathering are money, necessities and NCS’ decision to donate several calves – an useful yet important agricultural animal for the poor households to help them stand up again as “Give them fishes for the in-time survival, and a fishing rod for their lifetime endurance.”

Below is some pictures of this charity journey: