1978: a flight catering unit (under Airport Authority) was set up at Noibai International Airport and started serving commercial flights

1993: Based on the former catering unit, Noibai Catering Services Enterprise was founded, becoming a member company of Vietnam Airlines Corporation

1994: Noibai Catering Joint Venture Company, a joint venture between Vietnam Airlines and SERVAIR (France), was founded, intended to replace Noibai Catering Services Enterprise. The Joint Venture Project was canceled in 1998 due to unfavorable business conditions in Southeast Asia at the time.

2004: Vietnam Airlines sold 40% of shares of Noibai Catering Services Enterprise to its employees and outside investors. As the result, Noibai Catering Joint Stock Company (NCS) was founded. Major Shareholders: Vietnam Airlines: 60% of shares, SASCO: 10% of shares, Vietnam Air Caterers: 1.7% shares

2007: Noibai Catering Joint Stock Company put into operations a new kitchen, replacing the old one which fell into clearance site according to the new master plan of Noibai International Airport

2008: NCS' annual production exceeded 3 millions of meals for the first time

2010: NCS has been awarded by Korean Air as the Best Caterer 2009-2010, and welcomed 3 new customers Mekong Air, Qatar Airways, LOT Polish Airlines

2011: NCS was presented with "The Caterer with best hygiene and Halal standard compliance of 2010" Award of Malaysia Airlines.
NCS was ranked "The Best Air Caterer in Vietnam of 2011" by Vietnam Airlines

2012: "Best Caterer of 2012 in Viet Nam" awarded by Vietnam Airlines and  "Best Caterer in 2012" awarded by China Airlines

2013: “Caterer of the Year” awarded by Japan Airlines and “Best Performance of 2013” presented by Asiana Airlines.

2014: NCS has been awarded by Japan Airlines as the Best Caterer 2014.

2015: “The best of Asian Caterers in 2015” awarded by Asiana Airlines.