NCS in the Vietnam Airlines Spirit 2019 Finale

Vietnam Airlines Spirit 2019 is a musical competition with the participation of VNA member units from three regions of the country. After the qualification with well-prepared performances, NCS and the eight strongest units won to participate in the final day to deliver the most attractive work whose topics are to praise their love to our fatherland and the national aviation industry.

"NCS Artistic Team" with pack of members coming from different departments who aren’t professional singers - actors but with high determination and appreciation towards the Company, had practiced day and night in only two months to show off the colorful performances on the finale.

Based on the event when King Ly Thai To moved the capital from Hoa Lu to Thang Long, the voice of Dinh Thai showed the performance of "Dời đô – Transfer the capital" which echoes the mighty epic poetry of the nation.

"Light up the sun

The land of our fathers for thousands of years

One green realm, hilly mountains”

Without a single instrument, 10 Hồng Dao - Red Yao (an ethnic minority in Vietnam) men and the chief Văn Tiến, with a clear and bright voice, brought the audience to the Vietnamese great mountain with the love of the forest and the motherland.

The mash-up version “Suất ăn trên những chuyến bay – Chắp cánh ước mơ bay - Meals on every flights - Wings of the Flying dream" brings a youthful, dynamic NCS image, the work conveyed the message: " NCS is always ready to change with VNA and the World to continue bringing clean and delicious meals to each passenger".

At the end of the successful Vietnam Airlines Spirit 2019 event, besides several titles and the Titan Award for the whole delegation, NCS showed a "Spirit" of the solidarity and passion among members to bring heroic and complete repertoires with complete with meaningful and clarified message, go into the hearts of audiences.

Video 01: NCS - Dời Đô Video 02: NCS - Rừng Thiêng Video 03: NCS - Suất ăn trên những chuyến bay