NCS Warmly welcomes Air China (CA) First Flight

HAN, 01st Jun 2018 – As Air China (CA) First flight has officially kicked off on 01st Jun 2018, NCS has been trusted and chosen to be the Catering services provider for this prestigious Chinese Freighter.

With the International cuisine competency, professionalism and burning passion from NCS’ Chefs, especially in Asia-Pacific regional culinary, NCS’ proposed dishes with Western and Chinese Breakfast dishes have satisfied Air China’s demand, hence be chosen and presented to passengers on the air from Hanoi to Beijing.

Besides, the over 25-year experiences in serving International Airlines with high and strict demand on Catering services quality is also a significant influence for NCS to confidently provide and sustain daily Catering services with 22,000 meals and 186 flights to our over 25 clients in such a long time and beyond. Furthermore, with the launch of NCS’ new Facility in 2018, there will be progressive potential opportunities for NCS, with modernized equipment and high credited staffs, to increase the capability and enhance the quality to keep fascinating the passengers and reaching to the NCS' vision: Become the Catering Industry standard in the Asia-Pacific region.