NCS’s Culinary experience exchange program with LSG Sky Chef Korea

HAN, 25th April 2017 – “Eating is necessity but cooking is an art”, as an eagerness to never stop learning and improving the in-flight meal quality, recently, NCS has greeted Mr. Park Jong Woo - Professional chef from LSG Sky Chef Korea as part of Culinary Experience Exchange program.
















Mr. Park Jong Woo (Middle) with NCS crew

This is an opportunity for both caterers, not only to expand the native cooking skill by learning from each other but also to gain a deeper understanding of indigenous passengers’ taste, hence accordingly design suitable savory seasonal dishes, prepare the proper recipe ingredients and cook in the finest condition.

With the wide understanding and handful cooking skills, Mr. Park did share numerous valuable Korean cuisines to NCS chefs and there were Vietnamese traditional appetizing treatments which are cooking guided by NCS chefs in return.

With these training courses, NCS’s aim is always the readiness to adapt, improve and secure the catering service on every flight.

Beautiful Korean delicacies

Some Vietnamese treatments guided by NCS chefs