Noibai Catering Services receives award from Japan Airlines

HAN, 04th April 2017 – Noibai Catering Services has been nominated by Japan Airlines for the Special Commendation Award – a great honour and an appropriate recognition for the whole company staffs’ restless effort towards the service and commitments guarantee.

Special Commendation Award is a particular recognition on the caterer which achieves the “No contamination” status, which is resulted by the physical, chemical and biological contamination control compliance along the whole service serving period. Moreover, the factor which constitutes the “Special” in this award confirms that Noibai Catering Services is the only Caterer which has flawless contamination misconduct record among 41 world-wide caterers.

NCS General Manager, Mr.Tran Thanh Son, with NCS team, has greeted JAL General Manager, Mr. Shigeru Amakawaya and JAL HAN station staffs to this solemn award ceremony.

Mr.Shintaro Watanabe - Japan Airlines head quarter auditor - cited “We are amazed and glad of NCS’s absolute food hygiene ratio which is only one flawless record among 41 stations’ caterers serving Japan Airlines! Moreover, what delights us is that NCS has been consecutively retaining this food hygiene standard compliance result for years”.

By handling the trophy to NCS, Mr.Amakawaya also congratulated Mr.Son on this award achievement. “This award is a worthy recognition for NCS chefs and staff with the service quality management system. We strongly believe that along with current foundation and discipline, NCS will soon become a regional and global leading caterer”.

From NCS, besides giving a sincere appreciation to Japan Airlines for their trust on NCS as the catering provider, Mr.Son also said “At the moment, NCS are constantly investing to improve the product and service quality through product R&D, periodical meal presentation, training and regional caterers’ culinary experience exchange programs. This achievement is not only an honor for our company but also a motivative challenge for us, not only to maintain the service standard but also make it better to always delight passengers”

“The assistance from Japan Airlines in sending professional and qualified chefs for training courses every year has a significant contribution in improving the skills of NCS chefs and gaining a better understanding of the Japanese culinary culture. We highly appreciate this enthusiastic support and we are looking forward to the co-operation relationship preservation between Noibai Catering Services and Japan Airlines in the future”.

Following the ceremony, both Noibai Catering Services and Japan Airlines have agreed upon the current services maintenance and strict hygiene assurance. The two leaders have been together to keep bringing the forthcoming best flight service.