Workforce english communication training course accomplishment

HAN, 17th Jul 2017 - After three months, the 3-level English course has been topped off with a success in equipping a high-level communication skills to NCS’s labor force. At the closing ceremony, Mr. Kenneth John Kelsey – Lecturer, Director of Oxford English UK Vietnam - did express a high evaluation on not only the studying eagerness of NCS’s students regardless of the narrow working timetable but also their English communication skills’ steady and effective improvement.

Such compliment has proofs. Recently, there is a raise in the number of positive feedbacks from NCS’s clients such as Cathay Dragon and Asiana Airlines, especially on the service hospitality.


“On behalf of Asiana Airlines, we would like to express our sincere thanks to NCS for your cooperation so far.

For the first 6 months of 2017, NCS staffs’ great efforts in catering handling procedure for OZ flights are highly appreciated.

OZ flights were served and supported by an enhanced and more fulfilled catering service thanks to the delivery staffs’ expertise and communication skills, this also contributes to a secure in the prompt and efficient service serving time.

Particularly, there are specific individuals whose working enthusiasm are remarkably worth praising such as: Mr. Tran Van Thinh, Mr. Nguyen Nam Phong, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Chinh. Hence we profoundly recommend NCS to encourage abovementioned staffs and all NCS’ departments in order to help promote the work-force’s spirit so far.

Once again, thank you very much.”

-Asiana Airlines-


“Hi team,

I spoke to the SP and the crew yesterday on the flight, they have very positive feedback about our airport teams and suppliers in Hanoi - they said our Airport team are super friendly and nice; and the catering is the best on all KA flights!!

Let's keep up the great work you are doing! And looking forward to another team member joining soon in the next round of recruitment!!”

-Cathay Dragon-


Certainly, the recognition and appreciation from clients are the best motivation for the whole company to keep putting our best effort in the Catering service implementation.